Upcoming Meeting

birds landing on a wire

Date: Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Time: 7:30 p.m.

Place: Montreal Anglican Diocese - 1444 Union Ave., Montreal
(Just across the street from the Bay)

Hans Larsson presents:

Raising fish to land -
Exploring evolutionary drivers of the fish to tetrapod transition

Hans Larsson is a professor at McGill University in Montreal and Director of the university's Redpath Museum. He has a bachelor's degree from McGill and a Ph.D. From the Univerity of Chicago; he completed a postdoctoral fellowship at Yale in 2002.

Larsson began his research in the field of vertebrate paleontology and later expanded it to encompass experimental embryology. His current research works at the interface between developmental biology and vertebrate paleontology. Larsson's lab focuses on two macroevolutionary transitions Ė the fish to amphibian and dinosaur to bird transitions. Both involve sequencing of genes implicated in the development of fins, limbs and tails, bioinformatics of the coding and regulatory regions of these genes, expression patterns of some of the genes in selected extant embryos, morphogenesis of the skeleton and other associated tissues in these embryos, and final integration of these genetic and developmental changes to the evolutionary rates and changes of the skeleton across each transition.

Mark this important date on your calendar!! You donít want to miss this excellent guest speaker.

Information may be obtained by calling our office at (514) 845-8317

Be sure to attend and donít forget - Be a friend, bring a friend!

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