Upcoming Meeting

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Date: Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Time: 7:30 p.m.

Place: Montreal Anglican Diocese - 1444 Union Ave., Montreal
(Just across the street from the Bay)

Ian MacDonald presents:

To 80 Degrees North via Remote Islands of the North Atlantic

The Atlantic ocean north of Scotland and east of Greenland is “off the beaten track” for most travellers. Join Ian MacDonald, keen traveller and photographer, as he presents images and commentary from an unusual voyage from Scotland all the way to 80 degrees north latitude in the month of June, the season of the “Midnight Sun.” You will encounter St. Kilda, the most remote and westerly island of the United Kingdom; the Faroe Islands; the island of Jan Mayen, the location of the world’s most northerly active volcano; and the Svalbard archipelago; and “down south in Sweden” a glimpse of a royal wedding.

Mark this important date on your calendar!! You don’t want to miss this excellent guest speaker.

Information may be obtained by calling our office at (514) 845-8317

Be sure to attend and don’t forget - Be a friend, bring a friend!

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