Montreal Redpath Museum

The Redpath Museum is a natural history museum located at the McGill University Campus in Montreal. Donated to the university by 19th century sugar baron Peter Redpath, this museum contains exhibitions about geology / mineralogy, palaeontology (fossils), entomology (insects), and archaeology / ethnology (peoples and their cultures).

Montreal Redpath Museum

The building

The building, commissioned by Peter Redpath in the 1880s to commemorate the 25th anniversary of Sir John William Dawson’s appointment as Principal for the university, is the oldest building in Canada specifically built to be a museum.

Designed by A.C. Hutchison and A.D. Steele, the construction has been described as both an idiosyncratic expression of eclectic Victorian Classicism and an unusual example of Greek Revival architecture in North America.

Geology and mineralogy exhibitions

The museum houses five collections focused on geology and mineralogy. Together, they contain over 16,000 specimens from various parts of the world.


This collection includes, among other things, a lot of fossils from Nova Scotia and Burgess Shale. Burgess Shale is an exposed fossil-bearing deposit in the Canadian Rockies of British Columbia.

Ethnology and archaeology

There are over 17,000 items in these collection, gathered from various parts of the world, including North America, South America, Africa, Europe, and Oceania. You can for instance see Palaeolithic European artefacts here, as well as objects from ancient Egypt. This museum is home to some of the oldest North American archaeological and ethnological collections, with a substantial amount of items having been transferred here from the Natural History Society of Montreal.

Important: The renowned collection of First Nations artefacts has been moved to the nearby McCord Museum.

Where in Montreal is the Redpath Museum located?

The Redpath Museum is located on the McGill University campus.

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  • 859 Sherbrooke Street West
  • Montreal, Quebec
  • Canada


45° 30′ 15.84″ N, 73° 34′ 39.36″ W

Public transportation access

The museum is close to the Montreal Metro station McGill station, which is on the Green Line.