Whale-Watching Trip
Zoological Society of Montreal

Date: September 16 - 18 (Monday - Wednesday) 2013

Since 1970, the Zoological Society of Montreal has taken a special interest in the conservation of whales in the St. Lawrence region. It is the only specialized non-profit organization in Montreal to have organized 28 consecutive successful seasons of whale-watching. In 1998, concerned with the increase in cases of harassment of whales, the Society called a temporary halt to its whale-watching trips. Whales in the Gulf of St. Lawrence are now protected by federal regulations. We returned to the region in 2003.

Some of the wonderful whales we have encountered over the years include the Humpback, Fin, Minke, and Blue Whales, and the only groups of Beluga (white whales) south of the Arctic. We have seen White-sided Dolphins, Harbour Porpoises, and seals. The avian life of the region includes Great Black-backed, Bonaparte’s, and Herring gulls, Double-crested Cormorants, and Murres.

Please read the following carefully. Itinerary and terms are irrevocable.


Monday, September 16th We will take the “Intercar” bus from the Bus Terminal at 1717 rue Berri, Montreal, at 14:00 hours (2:00 p.m.). We will arrive in Tadoussac at 21:35 hours (9:35 p.m.). We change buses in Quebec City.
IMPORTANT: You should buy your bus ticket before the 16th to avoid a last-minute line-up. Tickets also available online at www.gamtl.com

Cost (per person, return, tax included): $186.32 regular rate $158.44 senior rate (over 60)

Hotel Tadoussac (Tel: 1-800-561-0718) Cost: $205.00 per room per night, for a Single or Double Occupancy ($205.00 x 2 = $410.00 plus tax for two nights)
You are responsible for making your own reservations.

Tuesday, September 17th Breakfast at the hotel. At 9:30 a.m. we board our boat for the morning whale-watch cruise. Cost $42.00 plus tax. The cruise is approximately 3 hours.

We return to Tadoussac for lunch. We can reboard the “Famille Dufour” in the afternoon for another cruise at 1:45 p.m. Again it is $42.00 plus tax. Dinner is your choice at the hotel or in town. There is a bus Shuttle Service from the Hotel to the boat. The Society cannot guarantee that whales will be sighted; however, our record has been excellent! There is a naturalist on board.

Wednesday, September 18th Breakfast at the hotel and morning at leisure. We leave Tadoussac from the Bus Terminal at 14:45 hours (2:45 p.m.) and proceed to Quebec City. There, we will change buses, with a one-hour stopover. We arrive in Montreal at approximately 22:45 hours (10:45 p.m.).

The above costs (approx. $680 or $652 senior), plus taxes and meals, are the responsibility of the individual.

IMPORTANT: The river may be very cold. Warm clothing and rainwear are recommended. Also recommended are binoculars, sunglasses and sun block. In addition, though a high degree of physical fitness is not required, participants should be aware that a certain amount of walking is involved.

Please call or write the office before August 16 to let us know you’re going.

The form you need for the Whale-Watching Trip is this one.
Print it out and return it before August 16.

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