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by Marlene Harris

Winter 2001   —   Recovery Plan For Loggerhead Shrike

As reported in the Canadian Wildlife Federationís fall 2000 issue of Recovery, the official recovery plan for the eastern population of endangered loggerhead shrike will include a new habitat stewardship initiative in Quebec, Ontario and Manitoba. The objective will be to improve and maintain 2000 hectares or short grassland, typical of loggerhead shrike habitat. This terrain is located in each of seven core areas identified within the three provinces.

Activities will include fencing to create cattle pastures, removal of vegetation overgrowth, and educational activities such as newsletters, videos, and public service announcements. These actions will be combined with those already established, i.e. monitoring of wild populations in Canada and the US, captive breeding, etc.

The Canadian breeding population, while slightly improved, remains dangerously low. During the year 2000, no birds were found in Quebec; in Ontario, 37 pairs were located and in the southeastern corner of Manitoba, 11 pairs were found.

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