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by Marlene Harris

November 2001   —   New Brunswick Deer Hunt 2001

The number of white–tailed deer killed in New Brunswick’s fall deer hunt was about one half of last year’s number.

The main reason for this reduction was that the provincial government sharply decreased the number of doe permits to be allowed for this year’s hunt. Government biologists had been concerned as the severe winter of 2000 had severely affected regional deer. They felt that bag limits on does should be limited this year in efforts to help the population recover. As a result, only 2500 doe permits were issued for 2001, a stark contrast to the 12,000 permits which were issued for last year’s hunt.

The total number of deer taken this fall was 4300; last year’s take was 8000 animals. Many hunters were disappointed with the limits this year, but government officials said from a biological standpoint, it was the right move.

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