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by Marlene Harris

Winter 2001   —   Moratorium on Grizzly Hunt

The BC government has decided to impose a 3–year moratorium on grizzly bear hunting in the province, effective immediately. The government decided to impose the moratorium pending a scientific assessment on the status of grizzlies in the province.

Scientists have been warning the government that grizzly numbers may be far lower than originally thought. Official estimates have put the population at around 12–13 thousand, but many believe the true number may be as low as 4000. This lack of hard data on the speciesí status is precisely what has prompted the moratorium and conservationists, as well as biologists are pleased. Regional outfitters are not. They believe the grizzly population is just fine and blame hard–line conservation groups for bullying the government into ordering the moratorium through threats of tourism boycotts.

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